Info / 10-07-2019

Matija Dragojevic laureate of the 2nd CANNESERIES Institute Edition!

Matija Dragojevic wins the 2nd edition of CANNESERIES with its project 24 MONTHS

«France-England. Love, Unloven Brexit et French Touch» was the theme of the 2nd CANNESERIES Institute edition supported this year by Cathy Verney, Director of «Vernon Subutex».

From 5th of March to the 11th of April 2019, eight young European screenwriters participated in the CANNESERIES Institute created by CANAL+, Vivendi, the University of Côte d’Azur, the city of Cannes and Serial Eyes.

CANAL+ creative teams have chosen to offer their support to the 27 years old Serbian writer Matija Dragojevic, trained at the International Film School of Cologne, for his project « 24 MONTHS », a satirical comedy.


The pitch:

In order to temporize the debt’s repayment of the country, the English government has voted a law which increases the year time to 24 MONTHS: the age of English people is brutally divided by two. Old people are miraculously younger and plunge with enjoyment in this golden age, whereas young adults go back to their teenage suffering.


This project will have the opportunity to be promptly considered by the production houses partnering with StudioCANAL, particularly in France and England.

See you soon for the 3rd CANNESERIES Institute call for applications!