The 2019 International Call for Applications for Composers for In Development, the Cannes Drama Creative Forum, is now closed.  


For the second consecutive year, the SACEM — CANNESERIES' partner — join In Development for the musical creation to be at the heart of this event and to intervene upstream at the beginning of the creation process. 

Create meetings and new collaborations between authors, producers and composers in the international landscape of Series is in fact a common stake of this partnership.

6 composers have been selected by members of the In Development Advisory Board. Each of them will be brought to work musical themes for 3 projects in the 16 chosen. 





Discover the composers selected for the In Development creative forum 


Harry Allouche 

Harry Allouche is a French composer, orchestrator, pianist and music producer.

Born in Paris, he started his music career at fourteen as a drummer and member of the French rock band Les Shades. Former graduate from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, he was awarded five first prizes. Furthermore, he studied conducting and piano improvisation.

He signed several arrangements, especially for the OFJ orchestra (Orchestre Français des Jeunes) and the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.
He’s currently pursuing his career as a composer, music producer and arranger at Universal Music Publishing.

Since 2017, he’s been improvising at the piano the accompaniment of silent films at the Cinémathèque Française and the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé in Paris.
His first original score for the Arte documentary film Cinema Through The Eye of Magnum Photos was released in June 2017.

Since then, he has composed the original score for the movie Au Bout des Doigts by Ludovic Bernard with Kristin Scott Thomas, Lambert Wilson and Jules Benchetrit.
For the film Harry also worked as a music director and as an understudy piano player for the main character. The soundtrack is currently available.

Antoine Duchêne

Antoine Duchêne studies film music in college from where he gets a degree in “music for visual arts” as valedictorian.

He spent his musical childhood between cello studies and the Lyon’s opera child choir but never narrowed his artistic perspectives. From Hip Hop, Folk to traditional music, he feeds with passion on every musical culture he encounters.

Short films, video games or advertisement, everything is exciting for this passionate musician whose work mixes all his influences.

On stage he goes by the name of Anton Oak, an electronic music project he leads playing along two talented musicians.

Delphine Mantoulet 

Classical pianist, Delphine Mantoulet is primarily attracted by rock and electro music; a taste that she develops particularly during her stay in London in an English underground electro label Swan Island between 1998 and 2000 where she works with the buzzcocks in concert too. After working at Warnermusic for the Yellow label, it is during her meeting with the director Tony Gatlif on the film Exils, in 2004, that she began her career as a composer.

Since then, she is passionate about world music and film music. She continues the artistic collaborations on the films of Tony Gatlif, by evolving her compositions according to the musical universes that cross the films: the Arab-Andalusian music on Exils, the Slavic music and Rom on Transylvania, the music of the 40s in Liberté moving towards a very visual writing of his music. She composed for Liberté’s score the song Les Bohémiens featuring Catherine Ringer.

In 2012, she collaborated for the first time with Valentin Dahmani in the composition of the soundtracks Indignados and the documentary Indignez-vous! made by Tony Gatlif, freely inspired by Stéphane Hessel's book.

More electric, the original soundtracks include the filmed sounds of the film in order to be closer to the image and evolve according to the editing.

This way of working completely upstream then in agreement with the rhythm of the editing by including the sounds of the shooting continued in the soundtrack of the film Geronimo released in 2014, in an urban musical spirit, organic, essence of the image and inseparable from the hip hop and electric energy of the film.

In 2017, Delphine Mantoulet composes the music of the show Lala Bidoum in tribute to the author Claude Ponti, created by the dancers Caroline Savi Marsalo and Juha Marsalo (dancer Carolyn Carlson). Composed as an album (80 minutes), the continuous music of the show represents the imaginary characters in a story-telling universe that mixes material sounds, electro and various melodic variations according to the paintings. Presented at the Cartoucherie, the show will shoot on several national stages.

Delphine Malausséna

Trained in sound engineering techniques at ENS Louis Lumière in Paris, Delphine works with all forms of sound creation, at the crossroads between sound engineering and musical composition. Her dual competencies of sound engineer / composer incite her to break down the barriers between sound and music.

Using her background as a trained violinist, she also studies formal music writing, orchestration, orchestral directing, DAW-based composition and modular synthesizers. In parallel she studies quantum physics and sound theory.

Selected at several film score composer conventions, she has composed soundtracks for several short films. She has worked as principal sound engineer on many feature films and on the American series Riviera.

Thomas Nicol

Initially introduced to the guitar by his father, guitarist and journalist, Thomas Nicol acquired his musical knowledge at the conservatory, where he studied music composition, concrete music and sound design.

In parallel he created several projects in performing arts and live music, going from post-rock to a musical tale, but also and above all begins the exploration of writing music for picture through indie short films. Then he worked for documentary films and sound installations for museum spaces throughout France, from the Landes to the Ardennes via the Pantheon.

Thomas continues his eclectic approach to creation and composes the soundtrack of the video game Post Human W.A.R in 2017, creates the sound design of Julien Ouguergouz's first documentary feature film, Cannes 1939: Le Festival n’aura pas lieu broadcast on France 5 in 2019, and thus confirms his curious and multifaceted state of mind.

In 2018 Thomas is nominated for the best music and sound design at Soundtrack_Cologne festival, and for the best music at the Game Audio Contest Hamburg.

Jérôme Plasseraud

Producer, arranger, director, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jérôme Plasseraud works in the cinema, advertising and TV fields.

Degreed from the American School Of Modern Music, he directed the soundtrack of Lars Blumer’s film, Mike (2010). He also directed the arrangements for Mr Mills (2018) by the actress and film-director Sophie Marceau, and produced the title “More over the Light” in Les Invisibles (2019) by Louis-Julien Petit.

He recently participated, with his project The Wash, and along with the American composer Jon Brion, to the soundtrack of Gilles Lelouche’s film, Le Grand Bain (2018) and composed additional music. He composed the soundtrack of the documentary La Malédiction de La Vologne, diffused the 5th and 6th December 2018 on France 3. Jérôme Plasseraud also made some advertising campaigns for Lancôme, Chanel, McDonald’s, Shiseido.

As a guitarist, he accompanies numerous artists: Diane Birch, Rachel Yamagata, Hindi Zahra, the actress Mélanie Laurent, and the singer Rose, for who he made the second album “Souvenir sous ma frange” (2010), certified golden disc (5000 items sold).