The selected
projects in 2018




Produced & written by Jen McGowan & Eliza Lee 

Angelica is the story of four women in a small MidWestAmerican town that will soon be left with the only abortion clinic in the state. When this happens, the residents of the once peaceful town of Angelica can no longer ignore the plain, brick building that was once able to be quietly passed by. It now becomes the flashpoint by which everyone must define themselves. 


Dead Head

Produced by Screentime NZ
Created by Philly de Lacey and John Banas
Written by John Banas
New Zealand

At the height of her fame, acclaimed psychic Toni Shasta is exposed as a complete charlatan. Her career and personal life in ruins, Toni gets an unexpected shot at redemption - courtesy of a thrown funeral urn that fractures her skull. She awakes to discover the Veil really has been lifted; she really can communicate with The Dead. Enter flamboyant drag ‘artiste’ Malcolm Battersby. Malcolm retired unexpectedly in the 60’s - when he was murdered in a carpark. Stuck here ever since, he now wants Toni to help him pass beyond The Veil. Redemption suddenly seems possible. Can Toni get her career back on track? Even more importantly (she’ll eventually discover) can she put her shattered family back together and become a Good Person? And along the way, while dealing with a cacophony of requests from the Afterworld, can she and Malcolm solve the mystery of his brutal slaying?"



Produced by Zodiak Belgium
Created and written by Gert Goovaerts and Lynnsey Peeters

A psychological road thriller about a group of travellers in their twenties taking the Great Route 5 in memory of their friend Lisa who disappeared without a trace five years earlier when taking the same path on her own. The physically demanding undertaking leads to a confrontation with themselves and a search for the truth behind Lisa’s disappearance. 



Produced by Elephant Story 
Created and written by Marc Herpoux, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade & Sheila O’Connor

Our story begins in 1999 when we meet Jean Valjean, a former convict, and continues into the early 2000s, when he has become another man: Mr. Madeleine, the rich owner of several hotels in Paris. Somewhere else in France. Fantine a youn woman is left out by her boyfriend while she is pregnant, but decides to keep the child nonetheless... She gives birth to Cosette. Living in poverty, Fantine has to put Cosette in foster care. The child is placed with the evil Thénardiers until Fantine’s situation “stabilizes”... But the economy tightens and Fantine’s situation never gets better. When one day, she finds a job in a hotel belonging to Jean Valjean, she ends up being harassed by one her bosses. Unfairly dismissed, she begins to work as a prostitute to support herself and gets HIV. Before dying, she confesses everything to Jean Valjean : she was never able to get her daughter back. He promises to find Cosette and take care of her. But can he escape from Javert, a policeman obsessed with capturing him and who has been tracking him for years? 



Produced by Laniakea Capital
Created and written by Javier Félix Echániz Petralanda

Alejo Caminos, a professor of quantum physics, believes he has failed in his attempt to create a time machine to travel into the past. However, although his invention cannot allow our bodies to travel through time, what it can do is to implant our souls into the bodies of one of the several alternatives selves we could have become. Unable to foresee the consequences of the public dissemination of his machine, Alejo decides to experiment on himself. Thus, with the excuse of going fishing, he locks himself up in a large rented house in order to sit on his machine for nine hours, while his soul travels and occupies the bodies of those other alternative Alejos -winner, looser, womanizer, villain, gay, beggar, millionaire, woman, soul of sorrow…The things he learns are mostly enriching, and often wonderful, but there is a terrible side to them too…



Produced by Anagram Sverige AB
Created and Written by Kjersti Ugelstad, Maja Winkler, Håkan Lindhé, Peter Arrhenius, Peter Lindmark & Jimmy Lindgren

Olle Granath is an ordinary guy - but not today. He wakes up on the ferry between Sweden and Norway with a bag full of money, a gun and no memory what so ever, of how he got there... A Tv-screen shows a newsflash of a violent robbery in Sweden, and one of the robbers was oberved escaping with the ferry to Norway. The police, his workmates and Olles partner Josefin thinks not only that he was involved in the heist, but that he planned the whole thing. To prove his innocence, Olle has to go underground to find the person who framed him. It becomes a journey that not only leads him into the criminal underworld, but deep inside himself… It’s a story about a group of people who get’s dragged into a situation, where they loose control over their own lives, which creates a machinery of dark relations.



Produced by Wuste Film GmbH
Written by Catharina Junk

1993 in the former GDR: The enthusiasm following the breakdown of the old system has disappeared and a general feeling of depression grows. Right wing agitators fuel fear and hatred, the police are overwhelmed by increasing new crimes like car theft and drug trafficking. In this explosive situation, the mutilated body of a young girl is found in the former border area. Police Inspector Ulrike Bandow (32) takes on the case and has to partner with Ingo Larssen (55) from West Germany, an experienced Inspector who has just moved to the East at his own wish. First clues lead Bandow to the rising Neo-Nazi scene, but Larssen thinks they could have a serial killer on their hands who was never caught as crimes like this weren't possible according to GDR doctrine. As the investigation continues they realise the murder is connected to the history of the two Germanys - and to their personal lives…



Produced by The Donaldson Company Inc
Created and written by Hannah Cheesman and Julian De Zotti

It’s New York City, 1978. Linda Thoroughbred is broke, divorced and pushing 30. But when life hands her lemons, she makes… millions. Cheekily inspired by the Bernie Madoff scandal, unlikely leader Linda and three low-level secretaries secretly start a Ponzi scheme and perpetrate the largest financial fraud in history. This fierce foursome trailblaze their way past the traditional white-shoe, male-dominated world of Wall Street by re-inventing themselves as a new breed of scrappy and savvy businesswomen who use the game of greed to level the playing field and win big. Combined with a wicked sense of humor and edge-of-your-seat suspense, Whatever, Linda give us access to a world and place that’s at once decidedly foreign, and yet strangely similar to the one we inhabit today. The narrative of women in high finance has never been told. Until now...





Created & written by Charley Packham, Oliver Deacon & Simon Schneider

A schoolyard Breaking Bad. Class A is a cutting edge drama about a new breed of drug dealer, 16 year old Kurtis. A highly intelligent but socially invisible teenager who makes money trading cryptocurrencies online. Charting his meteoric rise from class loner to bitcoin baron and internet drug lord, what happens when the tangled deep web collides with the offline world of awkward adolescence? Class A.



Created and written by Joseph Kay

Cassie and Butch Logan run a cryonic business having a major breakthrough. REVIVAL follows their tumultuous marriage and how everything changes when some of their previously dead clients are revived. Taking place in the near-future, this is a darkly comic drama about imperfect people trying to make sens of their imperfect lives -- a television series about a whole new kind of existential crisis.



Created and written by Joanne Lau

Best friends/flatmates James and Katie are followed around by walking, talking felt puppet manifestations of their internal monologues - their “Selfies”- and only they can see them. With the help and hindrance of their Selfies, James and Katie navigate the highs and lows of life in their 20s and ultimately learn the importance of friendship, love, and being true to yourself. Being in your 20s is about learning to be comfortable in your own skin, and SELFIES takes this to the extreme. At the heart of the show there’s an important message about self-acceptance, and that’s what SELFIES is all about - living life as the real you. #nofilter



Created and written by Jon Atli Jonasson and Ragnar Jonsson

VIOLATOR is a story of two police detectives three decades apart.Jonas (25), an aspiring musician, in the late eighties decides to apply for the police academy in Reykjavik, Iceland. His friends feel betrayed and the cops don’t like him either. But by solving a string of burglaries he'smade detective; the youngest in the department's history. When investigating a serious sex crime case, he starts to employ the relatively unknown method of profiling to catch the violator. But things don’t turn out as he thought. In present time, Lara (40), a police detective with a big secret hanging over her, is ordered to investigate a suspicious death. Stumbling upon Jonas’s old case only to find that it threatens the very core of her existence …