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The Feed

The Feed



Channing Powell

2018 - UK ⎮ Season 1 - 10x60' ⎮World Premiere
9th April - 7PM
Auditorium Lumière - Palais des Festivals of Cannes
In English with French & English subtitles 
Ep. 1 & 2

In the near future, people’s brains are directly connected to The Feed. Every interaction, every emotion, every memory can be shared instantly. Tom and Kate, a millennial couple, are trying to resist their addiction to The Feed. Tom’s father invented The Feed, but Tom fears it, especially when he learns of his father’s plans to expand it. Then, something – or someone – starts accessing people’s minds through The Feed and ‘taking’ them over. People’s loved ones wake up as someone else, someone who wants to kill them.


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Channing Powell

She is an American television writer and producer. She graduated from Williams College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theatre and started writing for television on the series White Collar, working on the show through its fourth season. She was also a writer on the AMC horror/drama series The Walking Dead for five seasons before serving as showrunner of The Feed.

The Feed

Photo Credit : © Studio Lambert & all3media international

Channing Powell

Executive producers
Channing Powell, Stephen Lambert & Susan Hogg 

Written by 
Channing Powell (based on the novel by Nick Clark Windo)

Directed by
Carl Tibbetts

Eben Bolter BSC 

Helen Chapman

Jon Opstad  

Michelle Fairley, David Thewlis, Nina Toussaint-White, Guy Burnet

Studio Lambert

all3media international

Amazon (USA) & Liberty Global (UK)